HELP to find! "City of Fire - Trial through fire" (2013) album LYRICS. ex-Fear Factory, Devin Townsend, S.Y.L. members. The booklet is empty. I checked out all the web and didn't find it. So, if you are from the UK, or the USA, then, please, sit. listen and write the LYRICS of these songs: Deliver me, Follow mantis, Prometeus unborund, Olympus mons, Oceanaut, Dichotomy blues, Steps of redemption and Last wish (bonus). You can find it on youtube. I need it not just for myself - then I wanna put it to darklyrics for all City of fire fans! So, I ask you all of you to help me with it. Please... P.S. The tabs of this band are absent on ultimate-guitar too...
I can't believe - more than 100 viewers and none from the US or the UK??? Or they are to lazy just to spend 5 minuets for: to sit, listen the "Deliver me" by the link above and write the TEXT here? Come on! Fans of Fear Factory and Devin Townsend, don't be so lazy!
Hey, it's awesome band! I trully wanna help you, but I'm from Germany and my English is worsty then yours... Where are that lazy English people or Americanos? Yeah, 5 minuets to post the LYRICS here!