I have a Takimine eg341c, the $300 one. I realized I've been playing my acoustic more than my electrics lately so I figured I would go pick up a slightly higher-end acoustic because although I like my Takimine there's something about the sound I can't place my finger on or don't know how to describe but didn't really like (almost a chunky low end type bull crappy undertone of sort.. I went to the Guitar Center acoustic room, and played around for about an hour or two, looking for a nice sounding guitar that has a different sound from my Takimine. I came across a Breedlove Solo Concert guitar for $800 and fell in love with it. I bought it and brought it home, and I compared it to my Takimine, and when I'm playing it, it sounds better, but for some reason if I do a direct comparison chord for chord they sound nearly Identical. Can anyone explain this to me or am I crazy for thinking this? I just don't want to feel like I just dropped $800 for a guitar that sounds exactly like the guitar I already have.
I see like this, It's better to tell yourself you're not good enough, so you always try to get better and better, rather than to say you are good enough, and not improve. You're never good enough, and in that way, you'll be the best.
a number of cheaper taks i've played indeed have a tubby low end. i haven't run into that issue with a breedlove. the takamine has, i believe, laminate top, back and sides; the breedlove has a solid top and laminate back and sides, so it is probably more resonant, and the ones i tried to seem to be. i would have probably gone for an all solid guitar or something cheaper that sounded better like the seagull S6, but the bottom line isn't the specs - it's how a guitar sounds and feels to you. if you love how it sounds, don't overthink it.

most people can't hear the differences easily between guitars until they spend more time playing and comparing. it's not unusual, and is nothing to worry about. a solid top is an upgrade from all laminate.

btw, guitar center has a nice return policy, so you don't have to decide right now.
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