So I’ll be off to Uni soon and while I’m not majoring in guitar performance or whatever, I am however prepping for ethnomusicology (anthropology w/ strong music focus) so I’ll need something to at least practice applying theory and playing is just too much fun.

It’s a relatively small campus, and dorms are mostly just single; so I’m not to too worry about it being stolen, plus my cases all lock nice and tight.

I’ll probably just end up taking my Mustang amp: loud, decent cleans, and has headphone out. The issue is the guitar itself.

  • I have an older sheraton, but the pups are horrid and microphonic. It's not really inspiring and a little uncomfortable to play;
  • I also have a godin 5th avenue: I love this thing but I would be limited in the bands I could play in. It's pretty much a one trick pony without somework. It is plently loud enough to play wihout an amp.

My options as I see it are:
  • Just take my Sheraton, just deal with the pickups.
  • Take the Godin, and have a nice playing guitar but, severely limit playing in bands
  • Start over guitar-wise and sell everything to buy a nice Pro-line/higher-end electromatic Gretsch
  • Maybe something else?

I'm Curious to what you guys think? What fiddle did you take to college?
I mostly play Blues and Blues-based rock, but versatility is very nice.
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I didn't take up guitar until my junior year at college, and THAT was a cheap acoustic which I played to destruction. I was, however, buddies with a high percentage of the music department's students.

If you're not afraid of theft because you know the areas will be secure, that's great. We can ignore that step. Do make sure you have insurance, though. Often, it can be had under your parent's homeowners or renters insurance.

That said...

1) The Sheraton: take it, but only after you replace the pickups (& wiring, if need be). However, if it isn't a comfy guitar to play, you should consider selling it and using that to explore other gear options.

2) The 5th Avenue you have...which particular one is it? They're all good, but there are some variations. Take or leave behind, maybe, but don't sell. IMHO, unless there's something wrong with it, that's a keeper.

3) Something new (to you, at least) is always an option. If you sell the Sheraton (not the Godin), you're partway to getting a deal on a new axe, and there are lots of options.

What kind of budget would you have, with and without selling a guitar?
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The "fiddle" I took to high school was a Hammond B3. It was an upgrade from the Hammond M1 that I'd used to play a bunch of Legion Hall wedding receptions in Iowa beginning when I was 11.

If I were doing what you're doing, I'd take something you're familiar with and not spend a lot of money on it until you're a lot closer to graduation.