hey guys, just wondered if you had any thoughts/feedback about my solo cover. I've posted one here ages ago, but hopefully this is somewhat better than that lol! It's just audio atm, recorded through a POD with Logic.


cheers! and C4C for anyone who wants it
Quote by jj1565
what type of music do you play?

if you play mostly bees in a box music then go wt the MG
if you play transformers, more than meets the eye, then Spider.

Hey man! I just saw your Bat Country Solo Cover back in the day, and I see definite improvement which is great! You have the notes memorized, it is just about getting the speed and the nuances of Syn's bends/vibrato down (not an easy task). Definitely going in the right direction! Let me know if you ever post up a new video on YouTube!

If you have a moment, do you think you could check out my A7X cover and let me know what you think about my tone? I'm still experimenting and trying to find the right one for me, and I could use your help.

Thank you so much!