Hey UG,

Recently I had the urge to bang away at my MIDI keyboard and write some tunes. My album, Debug Room, is a collection of songs written as if they were the soundtrack to an unmade film or video game. Just a bunch of really chill background music I guess. Take a listen. Enjoy. It's free. You got nothing to lose.

this is really cool, what program are you using?

I liked the "Debug room" and that by by by by part is catchy, your album is really chill and is good for just listening to something while on a walk or playing video games or somthing, good job
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Sounds good! Great background music. Love it.
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Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

I did everything in FL Studio. If you have your own VSTs and samples, you can really do anything with that program. Even when I'm doing rock music, I'll create glitchy percussion patterns in FL Studio and then drag them over to Sonar.