So I have this American a Fender Blackout Stratocaster that I've been wanting to sell, but I can't find anything that is like it on the Internet. my pics won't upload, so the serial number is US13060501 and it came with a trem bar. If anyone can help me figure out what this guitar is and what the value is it would be so helpful, thank u so much
You have to upload your pics to a pic sharing site (I use Imgur) and then use the proper link to post them in your post. Kinda hard to say anything without pics. Where did you get it?
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Here are some pics https://imgur.com/a/i2qVB
I got it from gc a while back but my friend picked it up as a gift I never knew the model type. I'm selling it to hopefully buy a chapman ghost fret, I just don't know what guitar it is and I need to know before I sell
Wow, Strats may be the only guitar I've ever seen that I don't like in all black.
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Probably worth $600-$700 used, just as any other American Special Strat.
Nice guitar, could use a good polishing tho!
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