So I'm not in a band right now and I'm saving for a proper amp.

In the meantime, I'm using Amplitube to lay down some tracks on my DAW and would like to listen to what I'm playing without using headphones like I usually do.

Current chain is guitar>interface>computer>interface>headphones.

How can I achieve a setup as close to an amp as possible? What kind of speakers? I've read proper studio monitors would be not very good for this purpose and that are more used to mixing. I've also read that I should probably connect my interface to a portable PA... So...PA, multimedia speakers or studio monitors?

I don't really know if you can get a mini PA for cheap...

Anyway, what route should I go for? Any sugestions and ideas welcomed. Please leave your gear suggestions. Budget for multimedia speakers/monitors/mini pa is $300.

Thanks in advance.
Monitors are perfect for the application.
I suggest the KRK Rokit 5's as they sound pleasing to the ear, they aren't super accurate, but that are nice to listen to, which sounds like is your main priority.
If you ever get into mixing etc they will carry you a long way as you learn their sound and how they translate.
I own a pair myself, along with some Dynaudios and they are great tracking speakers and a second reference to the Dynaudios.
Thanks for your reply and advice. I thought I had to pick 8's. Read somewhere they would be a better fit.
You definitely want studio type monitors. PA speakers are designed to a different standard. They are designed to handle high sound levels and depending on the modal will sacrifice or attenuate (cut back) on certain frequencies while purposely boosting others in a way that makes them good for PA work. Studio monitors (at least the good ones) are designed to be flat or without added colorization so all frequencies are hopefully reproduced equally across the audio range. There is a big difference between PA speakers and studio monitors. The KRK speakers are nice but check out reviews on line and buy what you can afford. I think most people keep their monitors a long time because when we find a pair we like and get use to we tend to mix knowing the monitors characteristics and adjust when necessary so I suggest spending as much as you can comfortably spend. You'll have them a long time.

One last comment; Stereo speakers or 5.1 sound systems designed for watching DVD's are not good studio monitors. They exaggerate low and high end frequencies on purpose and are great for entertainment systems or gaming but not for monitoring and mixing your recordings.

Read these for a better explanation:


Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Thanks a lot for the replies guys! I keep on reading and it gets even more confusing. Some say ported is the way to go.

I found these:

Samson — Resolv SE8

They are 8's. They are cheap on Thomann's. 130€ euros after rebate.

They have some nice reviews.

I like where it reads:

Perfect For Playback

With Resolv SE8s, you’ll bring the experience of playing back your audio projects to a whole new level. Whether you’re listening back to music recordings or viewing multimedia productions, the audio will sound crystal clear and full of dynamics when pumped through these monitors. And above all, a Resolv SE8 monitor setup gives you the playback accuracy you need to experience all your recordings exactly the way they were designed.

With a stylish elegance and precise engineering, Samson's Resolv SE8 active studio reference monitor will produce audio playback with sparkling clarity and definition to complement any recording space.

Also, should I go for a pair or a single unit?
Actually I am +1 with diabolical on his choices. I have the Behringer Truth 8" monitors and have had them for 7-8 years. They re very good and replaced my old JBL Studio Series monitors that I have had since the early 80's. The Behringer Truth B2031A speakers are really good (at least the modal I have). I also have a really great set of Hafler M5 small unpowered speakers that are my all time favorites. Unfortunately they seem to be long out of production.

You want a pair of whatever you get. You can't do stereo mixes on one mono speaker.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Quote by Rickholly74

You want a pair of whatever you get. You can't do stereo mixes on one mono speaker.

I probably won't be doing any mixing. Just playing the guitar through it and maybe record a single track.

What worries me about getting one only would be the resale value. If they stop making a particular model I will end up getting stuck with a single monitor.

Maybe I should get a Yamaha that has been here for ages... And that would be? What's the longevity master studio monitor-wise?
They can last virtually for ever or almost that long.
For that use you require I'd look at $120-$200 budget max, so looking at the lineup in that price range:

PreSonus Eris, M-Audio AV42, Alesis Elevate5