so i have this marshall mg100 dfx for a while, sounded decent at first and now that ive had some work done to it its actually pretty nice. im interested in using it for gigging and getting some more volume out of it. it has an output slot so is it possible to run it into another 4x12. say marshall 1960a cab? and actually get it to sound good. im sort of an amp noob and only really know the basics
The best way to get a good giggable sound with that amp is to sell it and buy something else.
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You could, but why would you ever want to do that?

Marshall MG's are terrible. Forget the cab, sell the MG to a 12 year old that thinks its a JCM800 and run. Use the money to buy something else.

Just out of curiosity, what did you do to it to make it sound 'pretty nice'?
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
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well i have a friend who rebuilt the whole thing for me. a new wooden case thing to house it and and new speakers and a few other things inside i cant remember. it was a 1x12 but the new wooden box thing for it does have room for 2 speakers.
i was told it had a celestion G12K-100 speaker in it and if i wanted more volume to put another in the empty hole.
rather then doing that i thought of just running it through a 4x12 so i have something i can use if i pickup another head as well as using it with the combo

i know when it was stock it sounded good at low volume but sort plasticy and almost fake when at 7 or above. now it sounds pretty good at low and high volume with the new speaker.

its still a mg so its not got the tone of something like a jcm-800 or 1959slp but for a $120 amp and $200
worth of mods its quite good. also that money is in aud so usd its 90 for the amp and 150 in mods. the speaker was $280 aud here but being in the small town i live in (i cant sell it and run away because il get caught) my friend knew the guy selling it. he didnt want it and was still in the original packaging.
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What work did you have done to it? I didn't know people modified these.
EDIT: ^Ah okay.

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[...]some more volume[...]

[...]run it into another 4x12. say marshall 1960a cab?[...]

Sure you can. There's a chance that the speakers in the new cab will have a higher sensitivity than the stock MG ones, meaning they'd be louder per watt fed into them.
Since this is a solid state amp, you'd have to get an extension cab with the minimum impedance the amp can handle to get the most output wattage (and volume).

BUT... do you need that to gig? You usually run into problems on stage being too loud rather than too quiet. I've seen people gig with stock MGs and they did enough stage volume going (everything beyond that is handled by the PA anyway).

In essence you can, but I don't see the point.

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[...]actually get it to sound good[...]

Speakers have a big influence on your tone, and better ones than the stock MG models will certainly improve yours.
However, there is the question whether the improvement justifies the cost. A good 4x12 costs as much as a decent combo-amp. At the end of the day the MG is an oversized beginner's-amp and will be the weakest link in your signal chain if you upgrade everything around it. I'd think twice before spending a lot of money trying to mitigate it's flaws; in the long run, it's probably better to just replace it.
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and i forgot to mention, the effects are good just for bedroom playing or experimenting but im not really an effects guy and pedals do the same job but better so i just ditched the effects and never use it.
You certainly can, but like quailman said, you won't need to. I used to use an mg50 and that thing never ever went over 1/3 volume on stage.