Just wondering if anybody here has had any experience with leveling frets. I guess not so much leveling the whole neck, but lets say you have just one fret that is a little high, would it be stupid for a guy who has only been playing a couple months to take a little light grit sandpaper and gradually try to work that fret down a tad? This is on a Ibanez Gio, and I actually took it to a shop to have them take a look, everything is good to go. Even though, they have bench charges and what not so it would be a hundred bucks for them to just mess with one fret. Changing strings, tuning intonating, raising and lowering action has been done time and time again and I got it down pretty good now I guess. Talked to a coworker who plays bass in a local band, he said why don't you just work it down with some steel wool or sandpaper, like nothing to it.

Anyway wanted to bring it here to get a little feedback on the suggestion.
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It's pretty easy to do yourself with basic stuff most people have. If you search my old posts you can probably find an explanation. Otherwise I'll try and post something a bit later this evening as I don't have time to go into that much detail right now.
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Found what I needed in post a guy made you responded to back years ago. A lot of good info pertaining to my situation, including possibly changing back to 10's from the 9's I'm using now and crowning the fret after I take it down slightly and what material to use. Sweet.
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