HELP to find "Black Comedy - Instigator" (2008)! This album is one of the best industrial death metal albums ever! Just listen it here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGjnxTouZt0). And I steel wonder why nobody didn't any GP Tabs yet? The songs like "Sum of all shit", "Favourite hateobject", "At one with decadance", "Prime speciman", "Inhale the sulpher", "Story of the God, the beast and the fools between", "Civil paranoia" and "Subtle convention" are really powerfull! With Fear Factory riffts and drums, Armin Van Buuren keys and so smart and actual lyrics. Just listen...
Isn't this just a request really? You should probably post it as a request dude...
Sorry, I didn't know that - I'm a new member of ultimateguitar.com. And I was really shoked that I didin't find any of Black Comedy's tabs here. But thier guitars riffs are awesome! Closer to Fear Factory's guitarist Dino Cazares. Maybe, you know somebody who can help me with it?
Yes, I told you - this band is awesome! The tracks like ""Favourite hateobject", "At one with decadance" are awesome too. You can hear them! And we are all need the GP5 TABS.
Yes, "Andrew Fog" I told you - Black Comedy is awesome! It's like Fear Factory & Armin van Buuren together! It's brilliant band! And maybe it's closer to Pain, Orgy and Strapping Young Lad.
Marius Strand - his a genius guitarist! His style closer to Dino Cazares (from Fear Factory) and Peter Tagtgren (from PAIN). And he uses Ibanez 7 or 8 string guitar.
And I want the GP5 tabs, but I can't do it, I'm an old-school... You know what I mean... But the album is perfect!
Yeah, we are all here on forum are an old-cshool, if nobody didn't the GP5 tab yet... it's a pitty!
Hey, their style realy closer to Fear Factory, but with more of samples and keyboards.
If somebody will try to make the tabs of Black Comedy, then you can contact thier guitarist/back vocalist Marius Strand at his own studio (mstra@online.no). His from Norway. I found this info on his facebook account. I'm sure that he will help with the "just guitars" stuff.
Jackson-RR P.S. about "Instigator" album - "The story of the God, the beast and the fools beetwin" - it's an epic & closing the album song. I hope , that somebody will tab it soon...
Hey, it's the BEST industrial / modern / cyber / death metal album ever!!! And this is "Instigator". Hope to see and play GP5 tabs of this band soon.