Hey all - don from D'Addario here. This past week, we announced the world's first String Recycling program.

The recycling program is called "Playback" and it rewards you for recycling ANY brand of used strings, not just ours. Shipping the strings back to us is prepaid - all you have to do is print out the label - slap it on a box. Please note that this is a very new initiative and currently only available in the US.

You can learn more about it here - http://www.daddario.com/daPlayback.Page
Don Dawson
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D'Addario / Planet Waves
Hi Don,

d'addario, huh?

Did you get tired of the trolls on the guitar.com misc board picking on you?

Great idea, though
What does The D'Addario Foundation actually do for conservation efforts?

And how much of that $1 actually goes towards conservation?

EDIT: just read the fine print. Carry on.

Terracycle sounds like a pretty cool prog band name actually.
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I have a better idea. Can you start offering single flatwound stainless loopend guitar strings? I want them for my Irish tenor banjo but y'all don't seem to offer them.
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If you boil bass strings they become like new
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I already repurpose them as garrotes.

I told Vinny to try an E string next time, and that nincompoop used the high E. Some weedly little 0.10, too. Of course it snapped on him. What a tool.