So I found some time to write today and came up with this:

I like it so far, but have a nagging feeling I subconsciously borrowed it from somewhere else (I hate that feeling).

Can't put my finger on it though...does this sound familiar to anyone else or should I continue working on it?

Thanks, feel free to drop a link if you're looking for feedback.
(using headphones) Cool song so far, first thing i noticed is the snare might be a tad bit louder than it should be, also try panning the guitars more to give that stereo effect, nice with the piano at the end i like it : ). you have a good start of a song keep going with it. (About your question if it sounds similar to another song, I was thinking maybe somthing like Linkin Park but not that similar)

heres my track ---> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1697487
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