Hey guys,

I just bought an old macbook with a core 2 duo processor. I was able to update it to os x 10.7 Lion.

I'm trying to download Garageband onto this thing but I can't seem to do it no matter which version I download (the oldest to the newest). I'm one step away from giving up, but I wanted to check and see if anyone had any suggestions.

Any insight would be welcomed!

Thanks in advance!
Quote by MashAllahMusic
I was able to update it to os x 10.7 Lion.

I love my macbook, and I hate mac bashing as much as I hate pc bashing, but this needs to be said:

Just because apple will let you upgrade a machine doesn't mean you should. Always check software compatibility before upgrading.

If you're running a core 2 duo macbook, you should probably downgrade to an old version of OSX and run the old pre-installed version of garageband and enjoy it for what it is.
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