I don't like them green. I don't like them solid yellow. I like them yellow with copious brown spots all over the peel. I like when the banana gets sweet, but I dislike when it's too mushy (when the peel is almost all brown).

Solid yellow for me.

Hate mushy banana fo sho
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in the form of a banana creme pie

I love those. Coconut Creme pies too.
Banana cake form
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Gotta have loads of brown all over them. Green is worse than death. Yellow is horrible.
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no brown. slightly green tint. firm to touch
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Yellow, but not super squishy yellow. Minimal amount of green. No brown.
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yellow fresh, no brown

or green and fried

banana milkshake is okay, not keen on it in smoothies though since you can taste it no matter how much other fruits you put it (which is why I cba with smoothies usually now)

banoffee pie is amazing.

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as a plantain

fried because my body can't break down fruits properly and they all make me feel ill if i eat them raw

They're fantastic. I like fried plantain in syrup too but that would be my second choice.

Ooh stir-fried banana flowers are good too. They take forever to prep though.
Doesn't matter so long as it's in a peanut butter sandwich.

Throw some honey in that shit too!
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doesn't matter to me

can be light green or dark brown

i just throw em in the blender with my whey powder
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