I just bought a Boss RC-30 and want to start using it live with my Boss ME-70 Multi Effects pedal and Dean Acoustic/Electric live. I want to start playing solo gigs but I just want to see if there was any advice on using the looper live. Should I use drum loops, beatbox my ow beat, create a song from scratch each time? I don't really know where to start!'

Just as a background of myself I'm currently in a 3 piece band I've been playing at bars with for the past year. I'm the singer and guitarists so I'm familiar with playing live. I'm just concerned about doing it without a drummer to collaborate with.

Thank you!
I have been looping a long time. I think the more you can do, that is produced by you (beatboxing, hitting the guitar, using an octave pedal for bass), the better. Loops also don't always have to be rhythmic, so you don't always need a steady rhythm. Practice a lot, and know the pedal really well before you take it live. Using it as an insert effect in a mixer allows anything that is plugged into the mixer to be looped.