Specific Sound Series
Volume 1: Dive Bomb Guitar Shred
$3.00 entry fee. Easy submission form. Please share!

Submit your original composition of guitar shredding, heavy on "dive bombs". Accepted entries will be compiled to a CD and sent to dozens of college radio stations across the US. Each participant will also receive a their own copy. The compilation will be posted for free streaming from the Jam Club website.

The track must:
(1) be an original composition.
(2) only contain guitar, no other instruments or vocals.
(3) not exceed 3 minutes in duration.

DEADLINE: Submissions must be received on or before May 15, 2016. Results will be emailed shortly after the deadline passes, but honestly we just want shredding and we want to fill as much of the 80 minutes on the CD as possible. If there is a lot of early interest and space on the CD fills-up the deadline may be cut short. We don't want to needlessly take people's money. So get your submissions in!!!

The Jam Club Specific Sound Series focuses an entire audio collection on a single element of instrument performance found in music. Each compilation is recorded to CD, hand-packaged by Jam Club with liner notes, sent to radio stations, and broadcast from the Jam Club headquarters.
Just gonna say this straight up, you're literally trying to get other people to PAY to write YOU a song. You're trying to get them to pay to do work for you. That's just silly. Why don't you try treating musicians as you would other professionals and offer to compensate them for their time?
Yeah. You should be paying people for their tracks. Also college radio stations will play anything that doesn't completely suck. All you literally need to do is go look up a list of college radio stations, go to the website and find emails, and send a file of your track to the Program Director or Music Director.

By the way, dive bomb heavy instrumental shred guitar compositions with no other instruments are of no interest to almost anyone and so even if somebody did get their song on your stupid CD and you do send it out, I highly doubt that any college stations would play it.

And honestly, when there are hundreds of FM college stations and thousands more Internet college stations, "dozens" is a very unimpressive number to send it to. And it's not like "Jam Club" is some entity with any following or name recognition to get people to play their stuff. So that means lack of volume and impact in terms of distribution.

In other words... this offers absolutely no benefit.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
So I write the solo and I have to pay you to record it for you? Sign me up for that.