Hey! I recorded a single for my solo project a while ago but never got to mixing it so i finished it up last night and figured ill never go back to it so yeah haha. The mix isnt the best, vocals are a bit low and im not a fan of my vocal performance in general also the drums dont sound the best. Somethings also sound off cause i recorded this very much backwards lol. ANYWAY YA give it a listen if you want and download it for free if you want.


Ill c4c as well!
The song itself is great, really like how the guitar and vocals complement each other. Good overall progression and songwriting. Enjoyed how it picks up at 2:04, feeling the lead at the end of the song. Playing is solid, only complaint is timing in a few bits. Don't have any complaints for your vocals, I thought they were good.

I'll agree with you on the mix, I think the overall levels are good but feel like all of the tracks are competing for space. Sources seem a bit lo-fi, but I think it works. If you ever wanted to go back to it, I think you could improve it a lot just using EQ. I always like to start with this:
...and tweak from there. Although, you may already have a good ear--just wanted to share if it helps. Hope I don't come off as insulting, I'm still learning myself but want to try offering constructive criticism.

Good song though, I sincerely enjoyed it.
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Okay, I've listened to the song, and it's good

But the vocals are just a little too low in the mix. It's weird, this is a trend here on UG. I think it stems from all the guitarists here being a little shy about their voices. I used to do the same thing. I couldn't sing, so I buried my vocals in the mix. I still can't sing, but I know I'm not helping the listener if I force them to STRAIN in order to hear my out of tune vocals.

I understand mixing the vocals low like they used to in the 70's and 80's, but at certain point the listener just can't here you. So keep that in mind and mess with some compression and/or volume automation until you find a place where the vocal sits perfectly. In particular, once verse 2 kicks in, the vocals are lost. So I'd start there.

I just have one question: are those real drums? They sound a little too perfect, but they sit in the mix REALLY well. I know that's a difficult thing to do, so props if those are digital drums.
Oh lots to answer here! Ok so yes they are real drums. I work at my schools new studio so the recording sources are actually highfi, i think what happened was that I was messing around a lot with the outboard disstressors, gates, and reverb. I think a put a bit too much reverb on the drums in which personally i think messed up the sound on them, for me theres a bit too much reverb and I bounced them through the board and didnt feel like going back and doing another one haha. One of the problems with the vocals is that since this was a side project, i didnt spend a lt of time mixing. I only mixed on one speaker source thats very nice and has a very false bass response so they sounded louder in the room so yea. I also have always had issues mixing my vocals because they fight so much with the frequencies of guitars cause i have a build up in the high mids of my voice.

Thanks so much for the responses! Much appreciated! I will definitely look at that link Element thanks so much for that. Ill also look into how much i was letting through on the compressor for the vocals on the second part, thanks curly!