At One With the Worms: I like this, vocals remind me of a hybrid between the Smiths and the Clash (maybe just because of your accent though). Liked the change up around 2:10, started getting more into the song there. Good writing, kept me interested. Bass and drums were solid but felt some parts were a bit too straight forward if you know what I mean (looking for more of a groove).

When They Come For Me: I liked the first song better, but still pretty good. Just feel like the melody could be improved.

Quiet Desperation: I like the rhythm in this one. The melody is nice too. Good change after the first two songs. The bass line in this one is pretty sweet, good movement.

The Running Song: Think this one is my favorite so far, the intro caught my attention. Really digging the bass line, plays nice with your melody. Think your singer sounds the best on this one. Good change at 1:12, I like unpredictable changes. Also liked the crunchy guitar coming in at 2:06, just keeps the energy building. I wouldn't mind listening to this one again.

Overall, solid effort. You guys have some good ideas and the production is well done. If you ever get the chance, I think your tracks could benefit from another vocal take or two (the vocals are good, but I think they could be more polished--I understand if you're going for a garage band vibe though). I'll have to check out the rest of the songs when I have time.

Keep it up!
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Some useful feedback for the next one. It's good to know that the more unusual changes aren't too jarring. Is there anything you would like me to review in return?
Hey man, music isn't bad. Very British sounding, so my American ears probably aren't giving it the praise it deserves, but still, not bad.

Now, I wouldn't say this if I didn't think you had talent, but (I'm assuming you're the vocalist) you really need to work on your singing. Practice practice practice. You have the potential to be a really solid vocalist, but as of now you're very pitchy. A lot of notes sound very obviously autotuned, and there are other sections where I can't even make out what notes you're TRYING to hit.

I don't want to come off as harsh, but the only reason I say this is because I think you have it in you to improve. Maybe even get a vocal coach if you plan on pursuing this singing thing passionately or professionally. Great work on the EP though.