I shared a minute of this yesterday trying to make sure it didn't sound similar to anything else. Went ahead and finished it up today and am looking for feedback.

Mix isn't quite where I want it yet, so I'm open to any suggestions. Also, I'm not sure if I'm happy with the melody in the chorus (plus I feel like I'm off pitch...idk what was going on, I did several takes). What do you guys think?


Thanks for listening and c4c of course.
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Let me give you some mixing tips my friend:

1. Kit sounds very "fake" (sample replacement?). Try to remedy this by not panning the cymbals so wide and using one reverb on the whole kit to glue everything together. Also, a little compression on the whole kit might help as well. Finally, the snare is just a little too loud.

2. Bring up the Bass Guitar

3. High-pass the piano. Or at least carve out around 200-300 hz. It's muddy.

4. This one you need to do to taste: The vocals could benefit from being more upfront. I understand it's probably a stylistic choice to have them somewhat buried, but experiment with compression and overall volume to make the vocals sit a little better.

The song is really cool though. I totally dig it. And the guitars sound FANTASTIC. Keep it up. If you get the chance, I'm curious to see what people think of my latest creation
Thanks bud, will keep your advice in mind next time I work on it. I wish I could have a kit, but I'm in an apartment (I think my neighbors hate me enough as is). Drums were played on a midi controller, sounds were Superior Drummer 2. Appreciate the feedback, check your thread.
There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said! It's good and I like it, I do think the vocals need to be higher in the mix and that would make the chorus melody sound stronger. Structurally I think it would be worth trying a couple of ideas: Keep singing the chorus during the solo, the melody is mostly long drawn out notes and a solo may work really well on top, adding to the energy rather than just replacing the missing vocals. Secondly, I think a very short quiet half verse at the end would finish the song more nicely.