Well now, finally here's a cover that maybe you'll all recognize.

This song was the anthem of a generation .. I actually remember plucking out the main riff of this song on my first guitar when I was 8 years old .. um ya about 10 years or so ago eh? heh heh.

This is a song that I like when I'm listening.. but it is very boring to play. lol

Nice sound of this tele.
Using a Fender Mustang II 40 Watt for the guitar and a Mustang I 20 Watt for the backing track.

Ya it may be a simple song to play but I never get bored playing it or listening to it.

There is something magical about this riff... it has struck me that way since I heard it when it first came out when I was a little kid.
Quote by ritchie.77
Nice tone and great looking tele

Check out my last video Rainbow - Bad girl (guitar cover)

Thx ritchie.77 .. some of that tone may be a result of playin in my basement lol .. the great looks are thanks to the fender ash body and sweet maple neck
Not boring when played like this, you really know all the backing licks. Really good job in recreating the sound/tone!
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