Hey UG,

I've been popping in here a lot lately. Today I've got a new song to share with you guys. I'm in the process of making an album with the intention of each song being a deviation from my usual style. The goal is to tackle as many different genres as I can, giving each song its own distinct, personal flavor.

This track in particular was influenced by the Japanese band Toe. I was aiming to write a complex instrumental song and I wanted to center it around acoustic guitars, like Toe does in many of their tracks. In the end, I ended up throwing vocals all over the place, and I think the track is better off because of it.

Normally I post here not for feedback, but just to share and contribute to the community of independent artists. But this song is so weird, even for me, that I'm curious to how it will be received. So feel free to shout out and let me know if you totally hate the song or if you think it's strange or cool or whatever. Also, if you have any questions as to the recording process or gear used, ask away. Happy Thursday UG :]

Interesting for sure, I think it could grow on me--not that I don't like it though. Sounds pro on headphones, will have to check it out on monitors tomorrow (crappy walls in apartment).

I like the acoustic guitar bits, quality is solid as well as writing. Change up preceding the 3:00 mark is cool, I like the drums there. Synth at the end of the song was a nice touch.

Vocals sound great, good blend on all your vocal tracks and nice harmonies. Sounds pro.

Nice track, will have to check out some of your other songs.

edit: btw, nice avatar lol
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Love it, such a cool 90's vibe. I particularly like your voice - it's distinctive and has that grunge rasp that Cobain and a few others had. Really nice guitar work too, and the sound quality is pro. The song is like a cross between Pearl Jam and Nirvana, rad!
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Hello curlyhead_P,

Thanks for listening to my song.

I really dig this song. I could see the Toe influence; they are one of my favorite math rock bands. The drums sound great. The whole mix is clean and clear.

The vocals work perfectly. The choir-like vocals are really cool. That scream was long as hell haha. Overall, great song.

Edit: Hey, It be very cool if you tried to add vocals to my track. I emailed you about it.
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Hey curlyhead_P - I appreciate you taking a listen to my tune. Thank you!

This tune was thoroughly enjoyable - it's really thought out well and the complexity of it shows the versatility in your songwriting. Kudos to that! It deviates from the cookie-cutter structure of the modern day song. Like others have said - the song takes me back to the 90s era. The production is great. I thought the ending could have benefitted from a use of a build up to an epic ending - whether the drums getting more crazier and/or guitars/vocals gradually getting more forte and stronger.

Overall - it was a great tune and a hidden gem post under this forum. Cheers!