First of all I just want to say, it feels good to be back on UG after so long. A lot has changed. Whenever you have the chance, check these two EP's out, I want to get some feedback from people I don't know about the sounds, the vibe, whatever you feel like commenting on. And please, feel free to post or link me to something of yours.

Ok, this first one is songs with lyrics, each track is in a different style but the connecting theme is that they are all about relationships:

This next one is instrumental rock/fusion type compositions

Thanks for your time, I sincerely appreciate it
Good job. Nice songs, nice playing and keeping it short and to the point. Also good production.

Only one small observation. I think you have a very good voice and write good lyrics so I'm not fond of the low-fi effects on your vocals on the first two songs. I can't understand some of the words and just found it annoying as the song went on. Just my two cents. It's better than anything I've done.
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"Purple": too much distortion on the vocals and much of the guitar, but I'm sensitive to that sort of thing. The actual singing and melodies are good. Same comments on the second song, but the vocals are the main culprit, not the guitars. Songs seem rather short (better than too long though). Please review my music at this link:

Would you guys say that it's the distortion itself on those tracks that's the problem? or that the frequency of the vocals and the guitar are drowning each other out because of the similar timbres?
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I don't usually listen to this kind of stuff,but I like the songs. Really digging the guitars on Romance,but the effects on the vocals are kinda interfering with the rest of the song,the vocals could also be a bit louder. The bass is also a bit too loud for my taste. "Lately" on the other hand is very well mixed and a really good song. A bit short though,but who am I to judge,I recently made a "song" that's about 1:30. Overall,good stuff!

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Just listened to Letters. Very cool as well. Only thing I can say is that the lead guitar tone is a little muddy; not sitting so well in the mix. Other than that, a great track.

-501 is great too. I LOVE the guitar tone. The vocals are a bit flat throughout tho. But don't dwell on it; you'll get better - I can tell you have potential. I also like that you didn't resort to autotuning.

-Try - again, the guitar tone is great. Everything sits really well and there's great separation in the instruments. A very cool, laid back song, but the little breakdown at the end had me begging for more. I thought the song was gonna explode but then it just faded out

All in all, I think the album is good and very unique. The only thing keeping it from being fantastic is the vocals. They're not bad by any means, but there's definitely room for improvement. On your next project, it would be great to see you spend more time really perfecting every take and gaining the confidence to push the vocals up in the mix a little bit, because you really have a good voice. Can't wait to hear more.

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Life has been hectic as of late but I will definitely check out you guys' music today, I have the day off. Thanks for the words of advice. Yeah, it's easy to tell i'm not very confident in my singing ability but I'm working on that bit by bit
I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!