Hey everyone,

I've bought a Levinson LG-222 mahogany guitar recently. I have to say, I've fallen in love with it. I'm just above beginner level and this was my second guitar. I just wanted a better one and did some research, but didn't really know what I wanted. Found this one in my local music store and it instantly felt right.

But I have some questions about it, especially how to get the best sound out of it. Maybe you guys could give me some tips. I've been looking on the internet about what the different qualities of different parts mean (materials/size), so that I could find the correct strings or replace the bridge/nut/pins, but couldn't really figure it out.

- It's made out of mahogany
- Concert size
- has a Scalloped X bracing
- a compensated tusk

I'd really appreciate some advice
A nice looking guitar is the Gibson L-00 style. - My "living room" guitar is that style. Guitars of that size of perform best with light (12-53) strings, and I like phosphor bronze, for a long lasting, moderately bright tone. I wouldn't do much to it except check the action and neck relief and set it up the way I like it. For example, the Tusq nut and saddle should be good, and I wouldn't change them.