I got two Wilkinson singlecoils and a Seymour Duncan JB that I want to install in my guitar. It's a humbucking strat type of guitar (a Toyama, to be precise, though I doubt anyone recognises the brand. )

Anyway, the first problem I ran into was the solder used in the factory. The stuff I have melts like butter, but the solder on the pre-existing joints is really tough. I don't know what to make of it. I had to resort to taking a pliers and cutting one wire off the pot, because the solder just wouldn't melt.

Also, the neck pickup won't fit. It's a few crucial milimetres bigger than the stock pickup. The middle pickup is a snug fit, though, no problems there.

Anyone got any insights on the solder problem?
Cheap solder has a different mix ratio. It has a higher tin content, requires a higher temp to melt, cools harder to the touch, and comparatively speaking is more brittle. Fender briefly used cheap solder in their amps about 17 years ago with horrible results. I have one of those amps and ended up replacing a motherboard in it long before I should have had to.

What wattage soldering iron do you use? An iron with higher wattage should be able handle it. The one I use is 35w with a 100w trigger boost.
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