IF Brian can't do it, who would you petition to step in(for the rest of the tour)?

I wanna see 'em a last time, no matter who sings. It wont be the same, but it would no doubt be a hell of a good-bye.

So who would you petition?

My vote is for Jack Black.

Ps: If anyone knows how to start an internet-petition, please be my guest. I don't grok internets so well...
1 - a Tribute tour with several guest vocalists
2 - use vocalists from leading tribute bands in the area
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Mark Tornillo from Accept would be a great fit...if he were interested, but I'd say he's too involved and dedicated to Accept....to um...accept the gig

But apparently Axl has the job already.. (which I'm sorry...WILL SUCK!) or at least it's heavily rumoured anyway.

My first reply tho really is nobody.. hate it,but I'm with the ones who think it's just time to call it quits. with no Malcolm, Phil or Brian.. Im afraid it's just best they go ahead and hang it up.
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btw..GaryBillington's first idea would be very cool tho...the tour (or what's left of it/remaining shows.) and subsequent cd/dvd "AC/DC-Tribute feat Angus Young and friends" or something like that to be released eventually.
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