Hey guys, wondering because I'm a bit short on time to make the call, but I have to choose between a Squier Telecaster Standard from Indonesia (though I'm not sure that it's just standard, seing as it has a Humbucker and a coil), or a Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom (The black one that has two humbuckers as pickups, also from Indonesia), though this one is quite a bit more expensive.
I play mostly Blur (which again is mostly Telecasters) and some other rock bands and what not, I don't play and I don't see myself playing metal or something heavy at all, so I'd appreciate your help with the decision, thanks!
can you try both guitars? i'm sure either would be just fine so whichever feels and sounds best to you is the one to go for.
Can't try them sadly, I hear that the Standard has a more.. unique sound, right? In comparison to the Vintage Custom, which might be more of a traditional guitar? Or does it also have the "Tele" sound?
well neither will have the traditional tele sound as a regular tele has single coil pickups. if you are going for that sound then you'll need single coils. if not then it's more a matter of preference.