Hey man!

Solitude is extremely technical. It reminded me of old-school Born of Osiris, Rings of Saturn, and Blotted Science at different sections. There are some very tasty riffs here, but I wish some of the ideas developed a little more particularly at the beginning. The double bass machine gunning groove at 1:45 is awesome. I thought the lead playing at 2:30 was especially melodic. The dissonant chord at 2:53 was very deep. The chord sequence that begins at 3:45 was very tasteful . Though this track holds its own very easily, it'd be interesting to hear vocals over this.

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Hey man.

Awesome work!. This sounds like a lot of different influences coming together with some really interesting twists. The sweeps in the beginning instantly made me think Necrophagist (the god of sweeping!). Some of the deeper guitar tones (like around 0:30 area) gave me an old school Mortician vibe (the drum sounds aid with this too). I noticed someone on the youtube comments sort of said it just sounds like a mix different riffs - It's sort of true but I dont think its a bad thing. You sure as hell cant get bored listening to it, and the transitions are really well done.

I really liked the lead part around 1:45 region - the tone you chose is really unexpected and to me seemed quite innovative. The same goes for the section around 3:10.

Obviously you are very technically proficient and the playing is spot on. As I always say on instrumentals, I think a vocal would really make it for me. In this case I think it would benefit even more as I think it would help tie the more diverse elements together with a common thread. But thats just my opinion. Whichever way I look at it - it's a spectacular piece of work.

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That was pretty slick mate! Mixed really well, all the instruments were balanced nicely. Something simple like adding a phaser made certain parts really stand out for me. I liked the unpredictable structure as well. I'm gonna stop gushing now...
Hey thanks a lot! Glad you guys were digging it,
Had been sitting on it for months just due to the randomness of it, but glad I could finally get some new new ears on the track!