Calling all Jackson experts- my a local pawn shop has a Jackson for sale that looks like it could be a good deal but I'm having some trouble figuring out what it is exactly and I'm no Jackson expert. They have it marked as a Jackson SL 1 but the pickups are 2 "designed by Duncan" humbuckers rather than the 2 singles and a humbucker that it looks like is typical in SL1 models. I thought might be an SL2 but with a bolt on neck and chunky attachment point. It also has no marking on the head for what it is, except for what looks like a laminated piece of paper on the truss rod cover saying "SL1"

Any ideas what this is? They're asking $600 and refuse to come down on it except to waive sales tax.
I'll post some images when I get home.
mmm if they are duncan designed it might be a slx series...they are 550$ new so you're being tricked
If it's a bolt-on it can't be a Soloist but a Dinky. For that money you can get a brand new Soloist SLX or SL3X (HSS) which are neck-through. Or there are plenty of Japanese Dinkys with EMGs out there in good shape that cost less than what they want for whatever that thing may be.
There's no way that it's a Soloist. Since it's a bolt-on, it a Dinky of some sort. For $600, you can get a brand new one! If you're dead set on a Jackson Dinky, try to find a MIJ DK2 that has real Seymour Duncans, not the cheap Duncan Designed crap.
I could tell better from pictures, but it sounds like some sort of Dinky, or possibly Fusion.

It's probably only worth the asking price if it's a USA - but then you'd have noticed the "Made in USA" printed next to the Jackson logo on the headstock, and I highly doubt it would have Duncan Designed pickups in it.

Anything I can say is a guess without more detailed information or pictures, but I'd reckon it's most likely to be an import Dinky somewhere in the late 90s to early 2000s timeframe that's maybe worth half the asking price. Please do post the pics if you've got them.