I been to the site a couple of times and never knew how great it is becoming .I am more involved now with being 100% disabled from work accident. Being sedentary and stuck home for long stretches I picked up the guitar again.I played 30 years ago during HS and on and off for years after never mastering anything, though my wife said she recognized a few songs (just being nice and supportive). I looking for any help and guidance so I can get out of this beginners rut and into actually learning and playing something true.
So any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks John
Hey John, I'm new here too. Sorry to hear about your work accident...

Getting out of a beginners rut and into actually learning and playing something true.

-Practice, long and hard, through aches and pains.
-Use practice scales, licks, and riffs to develop your hands and become familiar with the guitar
-Be wise with song selection. Start with easy songs that you also enjoy listening to.
-Have a properly tuned and set up guitar with a quality tone. Playing on bad equipment isnt fun.
A nice sound and easy play-ability will boost your confidence.

But what has really helped me more than anything is Guitar Pro.


I was lucky enough to snag a serial key off my buddy who purchased it so I don't know how much it costs, but it's an amazing program that uses guitar tabs and gives you complete control over everything. I'm pretty sure somewhere you can download a trial version of it and give it a shot. It saves you alot of time and guesswork and gives you better understanding of what you're learning.

Best regards.
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If you don't already know the basics, it would be a good idea to go to the columns section and check out some articles on general music theory. Learn your scales first. Once you know your scales, learning songs becomes easier - it becomes less about memorization and more about recognizing patterns, which is MUCH easier.

If you already have a good handle on music theory and guitar basics, start learning some of your favorite songs. You can find pretty much any song you want on this site, so go nuts!

Once you have learned your basic theory, technique, and learned some songs, you'll know where to go next.

Good luck on your musical journey, my friend.
-Andrew H
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I recently put up a similar post as I to used to play and haven't been at it with any regularity for years. I had quite a few great suggestions and also gained some confidence in my decision to pick up the guitar again. What I took away from it was you should definitely start with songs that you enjoy. Songs that are on the easier side. Then using that as a jumping point you can then learn techniques and such relevant to what your actually working on. Go slow at first and use a metronome so you can get back into strumming/picking in time. Really concentrate on switching through the chords/positions in the song. Even if your playing at half speed accuracy is key. Quality not Quantity they say right? Here's the link to the thread in case you would like to check it out. Best of luck and rock on!