Which one would you recommend? The Gibson costs $739, the Epiphone $359. Is the Gibson worth the extra $400?
I'd have to play them both to be fair. But at less than half the price, I would lean towards Epi.
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I have the non-pro version of the SG G-400 Epi. I wouldn't trade it + $$$ for the Gibson. Sounds/plays good enough for me.
Are you in some strange foreign land where you can't find used Gibson guitars? You can find used Gibson SG faded guitars for $500 if you do a bit of hunting around. At that price point, the Gibson is worth the extra money. The Epiphone is a nice guitar, but it has some limitations. You'll eventually want to pop new pickups in the Epiphone. Even if you just snap up a Duncan bridge pickup, you'll be adding at least 90-100 dollars to your original purchase cost. That 359 dollar Epiphone guitar just became a 459 dollar guitar, or a 500+ dollar guitar if you upgrade the neck. And it will only be worth 200 dollars on the used market if you ever sell it. If you don't like the Gibson down the road, you can get all your cash back out of it.
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Don't buy the Faded unless you can play it first. Some are great, some are dogs.
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Quote by dementiacaptain
Don't buy the Faded unless you can play it first. Some are great, some are dogs.

Unfortunately, I can't. Need to order online. That's why I'm asking.
I tried some faded SGs and LPs, and hated the feeling of the fret edges and just felt it was a sloppily built guitar.

I also hate my Epiphone LP Standard which I bought online, as the neck is just awful, even after a tech filed down some frets.

If possible I would say get a used Studio.
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I was in sort of the same position as you a couple of years ago when I was on the fence about getting an Epiphone LP Tribute (~600&euro or a Gibson LP Studio.

I figured one was a decently made Epiphone.
The other is a Gibson that skimped on everything and uses pretty much the same hardware, but is a lot more expensive because of its headstock.

That made it kind of easy for me to decide
Take time and shop around. I've never had an issue with any studio or faded that I have played. Like Thunder mentioned you'll probably end up upgrading the Epi and then at that point you're at the cost of the gibson. The Gibby will have a better resale value down the line. If you go the Epi route and swap the pickups, keep the originals and if you decide to get rid of it put the originals back in.
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If you can't try out the Gibson, but from somewhere with a good return policy. I have a Faded, and with a bit of TLC its been a good guitar, but like I said, some of those are just completely fucked up.

The Epiphone I haven't had a great deal of experience with, so I can't really comment on it.
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