-Hello, new user here and this is about the only place I'm allowed to post :p
-Seeking all advice and input on how to care for and maintain your Floyd Rose tremolo. More specifically daily cleaning and/or routine long-term care.
-I haven't seen anything from Floyd Rose themselves on how to properly care for and maintain your tremolo (at least I don't think).
-Talking to a Floyd Rose representative, he told me that it damages the saddles and the plating to soak them in WD-40.

As for myself, after each use I simply wipe down my floyd really good, I even get some q-tips and dive the tremolo to loosen up the strings and get in there with the q-tip trying to thoroughly dry each part. I sweat alot, and highly acidic sweat at that, and I know it gets into the connector pins and where the compacting string blocks sit and in between the inner saddles. Over time, it rusts at the connecting pins no matter what, sometimes causing the saddles to not be able to swivel up and down. Every once in awhile when I have to change my strings if there's some rust present I disassemble the floyd and soak it in WD-40 and stir and brush the rust away. I remove the parts, dry them, and air compress them before re-assembling. After so much time of wear and tear and rusting though, parts basically become useless. Over a long period of time I've spent quite a bit on floyd parts. I've even tried getting the stainless steel parts but they still rust at that connector pin. Floyd Rose told me to buy the titanium saddles, saying that its not rust proof but it will hold up alot better. They just piss me off, and I hope someone can help me to take better care of my floyd and make it last.

Thanks in advance. <-- thats either a thumbs up or some kind of chicken/duck. Hoping its the thumbs up..
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IDK sounds to me like you are taking better care of your Floyd that most musicians that I know, personally I never really had a problem with persperation so I don't do much but a quick wipe down to remove oils, my strings last forever and wear out before they corrode.

I did buy some titanium saddle blocks for one of my OFR's about $40 to help prevent corrosion. With sweat like yours you may consider taking some light oil and applying it with Q tips to get it down into the nooks and crannies it may help you make it longer periods before you have to remove, disassemble and soak the trem. I have a friend with caustic sweat and he does that, still he has to dissasemble just about every other string change, his strings have a fairly short lifespan even with being wiped after every play.
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Thanks for the reply. I pretty much figured there was nothing I could do but do my best and live with it. I had hopes that there was some trick that I didn't know about to deal with this, but really I just wanted to hear the reality of it from someone outside of Floyd Rose's staff. I know I'm not the only musician that sweats uncontrollably, haha, but it just really blows that I do everything I can and I'm still stuck with having major guitar down-time and costs of parts on the occasion. I do major cleaning after every jam, and even do wipe-downs every time i take a small break during playing, but it just gets inside those connector pins that the saddles swivel up and down on via the fine tuners and eventually lock up starting with the 6th string and on. I've had these new saddles for maybe 6 months or so and it's time for a string change and the top 3 saddles are already locked up and sitting in some wd-40, hence why I came to check on this thread lol. I can't play right now and I'm so angry with my floyd rose, but it's the only bridge I can play my best on. It just feels right, and my palm rests against it so nicely. Also the diving and always staying in tune. The best.

Edit: Also, I've used the titanium saddle blocks in the past and they did not impress me. My blocks never rust, and i keep them from getting gunked up. I actually had a problem with the titanium lasting so long that it expanded over time from so much compression that it was insanely difficult to remove them at one point, and nearly impossible to re-insert. So i stick with the less than a dollar blocks :p
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