Did some Sabaton songs today. 7734 was extremely hard since there are absolutely 0 tabs for the version from Heroes. Had to figure out everything by ear, so solos are not 100% correct in some places.

The real joke now would be if Nuclear blast and Orchard music blocked the videos because of the copyright/use of the original tracks as the background for playing, even if covers fit under the rules of "fair use" exceptions i hope Actually Im not worried about To hell and back since the only limitation it had from the moment i uploaded it is me being unable to make money from the video, for which i couldn't care less, but 7734 (song from the same album and everything) got blocked in 248 countries lol It is only available now because i sent them a copyright dispute(why would rules for that song differ im wondering) and now im waiting for their review Didn't expect so many problems about simple yt covers lol If they don't accept it as a fair use of copyrighted content I think covering the labeled new stuff isn't really a way to go at the moment Cheers