Poll: What's the best mealtime?
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4 14%
7 24%
16 55%
2 7%
Voters: 29.
Dinner, it's where I get to sit back and relax and enjoy my food and take my time usually. Plus, more variety on dinner menus and shit around here than lunch.
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Dinner. Breakfast is boring and I never feel particularly hungry. Lunch is boring. Dinner is almost always hot and usually interesting and I don't have to make it myself.
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Lunch. Especially if it's nice outside and you eat with friends. Find a nice park to sit in and enjoy the weather and company.
I'd say dinner, but a nice lunch is really awesome.
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My dinner is usually a mixture of breakfast, lunch and dinner so dinner.

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This is a very hard question. I'm torn between breakfast and dinner.
you only get one
lol who the fuck actually eats dessert every night? DIABETUS

my favorite meal is dinner, because that's the only time of the day im not scarfing down my meal because short of time, and generally my breakfast and lunch meals are kinda poverty

i spend quality time prepping dinner, and theres nothing better than sitting back and chillin after a big meal with nothing to worry about for the rest of the day.
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Breakfast. But night shift means breakfast is my dinner, so I'd be eating a sausage egg and cheese sandwich before going to bed.

If I wasn't, it would probably still be breakfast because I'm a fatty and love waking up to the idea of eating.
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Lunch cuz I usually have more immediate options.

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lunch wif muh freeens

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More variety in terms of what you can eat, and there's less time pressure.

I do admit though that I am a breakfast food enthusiast. I can eat that shit all day every day
Breakfast, since it gets me up in the morning ready for a long day.
I chose breakfast but I've had good lunches and dinners too I guess. This is another instance of not caring about food as much as everybody else here.
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