I'm about 2 weeks late for this one, but I recently made purchase of this merchandise:

I got this for about $900 CAD including shipping and from order date to arrival was 4 days.

Overall Asthetics: 10/10

Say what you want about RectumFryers, I've always loved that Diamond Plate look. Built like a tank, but not as heavy as I expected it to be. The knobs are fairly bulky and have a nice smooth glide (surprising on an amp of this age). It's used, but no real cosmetic issues at all ( a bit of minor scuff on the back plate.

Tone: 8/10

For those who've never played with a Single Rec or Rectoverb, these aren't as over the top as a Dual/Tri Rec, and the Master Volume/Channel Volume interact a lot when setting tones. Meaning, you need to really understand the signal path of these to really get your ideal tone dialed in. These will not give you a Mark IIc+ tone, but can get VERY close (The only amp I've owned that gets closer is the DC-5, the Poor Man's Mark IV).

I'm using this with the 2x12 I got earlier this year (V30s) and it sounds massive.

One fun thing about the Solo Head 50 is that it actually maintains a lot of it's character at low volumes (rare for a large Tube amp)

Really shines on Cleans and Modern Distortions.

Function: 10/10

Much like the DC-5, the Mid EQ channel on the Modern circuit could be relabeled as 'Minor Gain', as this Mid control has a LOT of power over the amp's feel. Too low on this, and the amp gets spongy and your strings will feel floppy; too much Mid and your strings will feel super unyielding. It's great if you know what you're doing, but I know a lot of players who think this (and the Rectoverb) are not so good because they can't set an amp.

The only complaint I have about this era of Mesa/Boogie is their stupid fascination with Parallel FX Loops. If you don't know how to use Parallel FX, your tone will go to GARBAGE fast.

Luckily, the mod to go to Series is incredibly simple (3 snips, 1 solder and 1 cap-off). I'm going to mod mine with quick connects so I can switch between Series and Parallel, as I have used both and know there are times I'll want Parallel over Series (Live recording VS. Studio work).

One thing that is missed on this amp (VS. the V2) is the ability to swap tubes. I like the 6L6 sound more anyways, so not a big loss.

Hopefully more pictures and tone samples to follow.
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Do you have any dilithium crystals or fresh warm dumps for sale
Deadly amp. Congrats man! At a great price too, for here in Canada .
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Deadly amp. Congrats man! At a great price too, for here in Canada .

I got it out of DirectMusicOnline in Quebec. They had a DC-3 Combo, but those are so LOUD for a 35-watt combo, I decided on the Single Rec.

For those who've never used a DC-3, it's a 35-watt combo that makes JCMs and Dual Recs piss themselves in a corner because they simply aren't as loud or clean at high volumes.
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Do you have any dilithium crystals or fresh warm dumps for sale
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Nice score there!

It's been awhile since I've played through any rectifier amps, but I remember liking the single recs more than the dual/triples I've played on (at least the 3-channel versions).

Happy NAD!
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Sweet HNAD! I love my Mesa Roadster I've been playing off and on for 30+ years and I never could really afford a high dollar amp, I went through many amps searching for the tone and versatility I was seeking, I got a killer deal on a new 2X12 Roadster combo and effectively put and end to my search .

Congrats on you purchase rock on!
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Wonderful! I use a Mesa Blue Angel, which is in the Dual Rect series, but sounds nothing like it at all.