So I've already ordered this guitar after seeing many good reviews on it with one exception.. The pickups, people aren't saying they're bad but just that they're not emgs. Yet they are active humbuckers. I play Metallica, lamb of god, slayer etc. And I want a good crunchy tone will this guitar be okay? I suppose I can upgrade the pickups in the future. Any suggestions for good cheap actives?
i'm sure the guitar will be fine but keep in mind that it's your amp that will make or break your tone way more than the pickups
+1. The guitar should be fine and the pickups should be fine. The amp will drive the tone.

Lastly, give the current pickups a chance first. And, there are a lot of great pickup choices out there besides EMGs.
Before that guitar I had an Ibanez rg350dx would you say the ESP would be a good upgrade metal wise?
well again it's more about the amp for metal than the guitar. that is basically a LP style guitar with 24 frets and active pickups which is fine for metal but not necessarily "better". metal is a style so there really isn't a more metal guitar just ones that may work a little better than others. i wouldn't say that the ESP is "better" metal wise than the Ibanez. now is it a more comfortable guitar for you to play would be a better thing to look at.