Hello I was playing my Les Paul Custom and gladly riffing away on the bridge pickup, but when I switched the neck to play some leads, the guitar hums and there is a loss of volume and output, it also sounds quite fuzzy and muffled.

It sounds like the coil tap is engaged permanently and when I actually do engage the coil tap, the volume drops even further.

Anyone got any advice on what it could be? Lose solder joint? Funny pot? Dying pickup? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe it's a sign to put in the EMG's I have been thinking about since this is my Drop D modern metal guitar...

Edit: Nevermind, I have fixed it, one of the plug in connectors was slightly lose and I popped it back in, seems to be working fine now.

I'll leave this here incase anyone else has the problem and they can see how simple it is to fix.
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