Hi guys.
I have a Laney LC 50w tube amp that has been working fine except for the spring reverb. It hasn't worked since I've owned it and the previous owner didn't know what was wrong with it.
Last week I cleaned my pots with some Deoxit and I had a wild idea that maybe the issue with the reverb was the audio cables (the little tank is connected to the board via black and red audio cables).
So I found some cables this week.
And last night decided to change them.
Though, it's been about a week since I actually turned the amp on, I don't expect that anything was wrong with it prior to last night.
So, I took it apart and changed the cables. I am not sure, but maybe the new cable's connection seemed a *little bit* smaller, but ... they still fit.
I put everything back together and tried it out.
No sound. Just a hum-like buzz. Maybe I plugged the audio cables in the reverb tank up wrong (the ones on the board are color coded, and had the red go to the red plugin, black to white. On the reverb tank, it was just white-white, although they say IN and OUT.
Anyway. I take the amp apart again and decide to plug the old audio cable up thinking I did something wrong.
And now when I turn it on, there's still no sound!
I am absolutely certain I plugged the cables in correctly on the board, I wasn't so sure on the tank again (being paranoid) so I switched them out. No difference.
There is an audible change in sound if I turn the gain channel on where you can kinda hear the hum better, and then I turn the reverb knob up all the way...the hum gets a little bit louder. Turn it down, the hum dissapears.

Save for wondering what's wrong with it, I also would like to know if by changing audio cables (if they weren't the "correct" ones) could I have screwed the amp up somehow?
Also, can I disconnect the reverb tank and take the audio cables out and turn the amp on to see if it work, without anything happening to the amp?

I have checked the tubes to the best of my knowledge, and they are all glowing like they should. The speaker cable seems to be attached good. I don't *think* there's any metal pieces laying about shorting something out. I have also jumped the fx loop; No change. Tried different cables and guitars too btw.
I do have a cheap multi meter if I need to check something, but I'm not really sure how to use it on an amp.

Thanks for any info.
Sorry for the long post, just trying to get as much info in as I can.
Long Live Rock n' Roll