My expression pedal on BOSS GT-6.Its very loud and makes wah almost impossible to control.I've seen some posts about applying oil or some kind of grease.What should I do?
Thanks in advance
probly need to oil it. If the hinge is metal on metal use oil, light machine oil,sewing machine oil, work great aswell as maybe wd 40

if the hinge is made of any type of plastic do not use oil, instead you will need to use dry graphite powder lubricant because oil swells and gums up pastics overtime.

you could try loosening the bolts on the sides

edit : from the pic of the unit on google it looks like its all metal.. oil of some sort should do just fine.
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use white lithium grease. It will coat, not run and it will resist drying out for a long time.
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Rocketface2112 it has a metal hinge and i applied some wd40 and some light machine oil and it works perfectly thank you
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WD 40 probably won't hold up long term, and actually is not a lubricant. WD stands for Water Displacement, it was his 40th attempt. It will act as a lubricant, and prevents rust fairly well, bit it is not actually a lubricant. It was developed many years ago for the military to produce something to displace water for military uses in high humidity areas. It does contain a light lubricant, but for this application, white lithium grease would work much better.

I would agree with Robbgnarly, get some white lithium grease, that's what I use on vehicle door hinges and hood hinges, it stays put for a long time and works really well. Also doesn't drip and is usable at some pretty wide temperature ranges. You can get it at auto parts stores in a spray can. Probably under $10 a can. I bought mine over 10 years ago and don't remember, it wasn't expensive then, probably under $5 at that time.
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