What I am wanting to do: Pick a drum beat out of a list, like Rock01 or HeavyMetal03 or whatever, tap in or type in a tempo, hit start, play guitar along with the drums.

I dont want to create beats. I dont want it to integrate with anything. I dont want to get picky with anything. Maybe choose the drum set or how much reverb, etc, that's it.

I just want something to play along with, when the drummer is drunk. Any suggestions?

It's quite expensive, though.

My RP355 pedal has a built in drum machine that does what you describe. Same with most keyboards.
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Well, I was asking for software, as in, something I can use on my studio computer. However, I'm getting more and more sure that nothing like that exists. It's all about 'make yer own beatz', which I have no interest in.

Yep, the beat buddy is a really cool pedal. And costs like $300 (although there is a 'mini' for $150).

I just found this, which for $40 or so is worth a try: Korg Beat Boy
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