I have been looking for a dead on (or almost at least) tab for Prince's Purple Rain, but none of the tabs I've seen have been right. Does anyone know the actual chords that Wendy uses? And the fills and solo that Prince plays? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Peace!
I submitted one last week, with all the correct voicings, but it was rejected.

I'm beginning to think that most of the admins here don't even play guitar, as they're unable to figure out the difference between a sus2 (incorrect) and add9 (correct) chord.

I've appealed, but who knows if it will ever be approved.

If anyone wants the correct tab, shoot me a private message and I'll be happy to oblige.

And if any of the admins would like some free guitar lessons, I'll provide those as well.

EDIT: My tab includes only chord voicings, not the solos/fills. I'm not about to take the time to tab out a note-for-note solo transcription only to have it rejected by know-nothings.
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