i am fairly new at playing guitar and am having trouble with barred cords . i cant seem to apply enough pressure for all of the notes to ring true and have had my guitar ( a Yamaha 700 series )set up already . i have been told that the higher end guitars (Martin , Taylor , etc.... ) are much easier to play . any truth to this ? any advice ?
Really, practice is your best bet... if you have an electric guitar, try practicing on that first because the strings are just slightly more loose. Just like you have to build up calluses on the tips of your fingers, the same has to be done for the sides of them too! Plus, you're using your muscles in a different way than you're used to, so you're strengthening the muscles in the fingers as well
Hi i am new to and at 50 odd years of age felt like i was struggling .
But don't give up it will come slowly. I play Creep RADIO HEAD for a few weeks a song with 4 bar chords.
By no way am i good at it but it helped strengthen my fingers.
F and Bm are good to practice
patients is the key. and determination
hope this helps
You don't need an expensive guitar to play those chords, that sounds like an excuse from someone who can't play anything on a cheap guitar. Don't listen to that kind of person. Practice higher up the neck at about the 5th-7th fret, once you can play the chords up there gradually move the shape down to the more difficult frets.
You could put on some lighter strings. Also, when you play, remember that you don't need to put constant pressure on the strings - only put pressure on the strings when you strum.
Lighter strings, lower action etc. may help but they are not your main problem. You have to keep practicing; I'm sure all of us struggled with Barre chords in the beginning. You have to build up strength and that will ONLY come through practice.
thanks to all ........ more practice it is !
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