So, I've opened a thread about getting a 7-string and then about this model not long ago; I've eventually purchased it from a Japanese eBay seller. The price was $713+$71 shipping –which is OK, I guess, the best I've found at the time– though my greedy country took another 17% VAT for a used item +~$33 for "EMS handling", so in the end I've paid an extra $172 or so (incidentally, the sum in Israeli Shekels was 666. So metal).

Anyway, the guitar was shipped in a gigbag - I was a bit worried about that, but it was wrapped in tons of bubblewrap inside-out and was then placed inside a hard cardboard box, and it seems to has come out fine. The guitar visually seems to be in very good condition; the black coloring looks almost as-new to me, and there is very little evidence of wear from what I've inspected (I haven't delved into each centimeter yet). A small amount of wear on some screws here and there, but nothing major or noticeable.

I have played around with it; the string spacing is wider than my Les Paul Studio's and it seems to make for quite a comfortable playability. I still need to get used to the 7-string configuration, but the movement between strings seems more ergonomic with this spacing. I do have a bit of an issue with the fretboard-area left for the 7th string: it's quite close to the edge, and an incautious fretting of it could lead to a slip-off; I'm not sure why haven't they made the strings slightly less distant to each other so another 2-3mm would be left beyond the 7th string (if looking to avoid a wider neck), but I hope I'll just get used to the correct fretting force in order to avoid this. I've currently tuned it to B-standard; it's 25.5" and A does get a bit floppy with the string set it came with (though I don't know what gauge that would be), but I guess using a thicker B would help. I just hope an even thicker B wouldn't also prove to augment the slip-off issue.

Tone-wise it seems very good. I've been able to get quite pleasing tones –both clean and distorted– using its different (DiMarzio) pickup configurations. I actually use a Babyface Pro with ReValver 4, but I've gotten so far some pretty organic tones using this setup, ones I felt were more usable than the ones I get using the LP Studio.

This RG7620 comes with the Lo-Pro Edge. I'm not too fond of the cumbersomeness of tuning floating bridges – which I also have in my MIA Floyd Rose Classic Stratocaster; it has its obvious perks, though, and I still preferred a floating neck to a hard-tail this time. It's currently not completely intonated and set-upped, though, and I need to raise the action as there's some fret-buzzing as of now.

Anyway, other than a couple of small inconveniences it seems pretty great. I'll most likely buy a new phone tomorrow and add some photos then.

I do want to hear though if any owner here has had issues with the B string being too close to the fretboard's edge?


Edit: here are the photos:
After combating the cardbox and tons of bubblewrap... more bubblewrap.

Finally, the guitar itself.

On a stand (this was just taken, so the easily-fingerprinted black coating is a bit more smudgy now).

Closer look on the body (that sleeve is oversized).

Bolting of the neck.


But, as a quick Google search told me that the slipping-off issue with the B string shouldn't really happen, I suspect that –as someone suggested to another RG7620 owner– my guitar's nut is perhaps slightly misplaced? Here are two pictures of its edges; perhaps you could tell from it, as it does seem like there's a bit more space left at the high E side:

High E

Low B

What's your thought on this? I think it might be slightly angled, but I'm not sure.
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Typically the string issue just takes a little getting used to. As long as nothing's fishy with the setup you shouldn't have any trouble long-term. Congrats on your purchase!
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But are you talking about the B-string's fretboard area? What could possibly be fishy regarding it with the setup? I don't think a setup can change the string's position. Unless you're referring to the edge of the fretboard being smoothed-out or something – which I don't believe has been done here.
Just speaking in generalities. As long as nothing's damaged (which you would probably notice right away) all is well. Once you get it set where you like it (string gauge and action height, etc.) and get used to how the extra string feels you should learn how to keep from pushing the string off the board.
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Splawn QuickRod - Mesa Stiletto & RoadKing - Peavey Ultra+ - Peavey Bandit
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Yeah from pics it does look like the nut could be relocated a bit to the right. The neck pic definitely made it seem like the low B is too close the the fretboard edge.

Still, nice axe! Great guitars for the money.
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Hm... And how can I fix it? Is it something that could easily be done by a layman, or should I take it to a technician and ask them to reposition it during the new setup?

Also, I have a general question about intonation with a floating bridge: proper intonation involves adjusting the string-length so the 12th fret produces the same note as the octave harmonic. But, as any change to the overall string tension vs the bridge's springs moves the bridge, could you ever actually intonate it? Or does moving the string "sockets" of the Lo-Pro Edge (I don't know how is it done yet) back and forth shouldn't change the bridge's angle (and so you just aim to retain it being parallel to the body whenever retuning)?
Resetting the nut is something that can be done, and from what I have seen it isn't super hard, but I have not done it myself and therefore can't speak to how difficult it actually is.

Of course you can get the guitar intonated, though I doubt it will ever be truly perfect on all strings. And yeah, intonation is a combination of things but a big part of it (after making sure that action is reasonably set, neck bow is appropriate, and that the floating bridge is parallel to the body or close to it) is the adjustment of the string position via what you call the "sockets"
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
Hm... I should probably go to a guitar technician for all of that, but frankly, after playing with it some more it also feels like the high E is rather prone to slipping off for me. It does seem like the nut is not 100% centered, but I'm not sure what would moving the nut further towards the high E end up with regarding the high E's playability. And I'm wondering whether the pickups are positioned as they should? There's a difference between them and it doesn't go exactly below the strings. I tried to capture these images right from above, but it's not perfect.

Yeah at the bottom of the neck it is pretty obvious the nut is off center. I wouldn't sweat the pickups too much, as it really won't affect the sound significantly if they are off a bit.

The nut is the bigger issue to me, and if you aren't comfortable moving the nut then I would take it to somebody if it is bothering you. I have had guitars where the nut was off-center, some were so bad something had to be done, others I adapted to. It's up to you if you can live with this one.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.
Hm... At the bottom, or *top of the neck? But anyway, as I said, wouldn't moving the nut also get the high E closer to the edge? I feel like that would also be too much.
Congrats! The 7620 was my first 7.

I don't have them with me at the moment but I did check my 1077XL, 7420XL, and an ESP and LTD 7, and the string spacing looks similar to your pics - the low B is closer to the edge relative to the high E.
As I later said, the high E also proved to be kind of easy to slip-off. But the nut does as well seem somewhat off in position. I just wonder whether getting it repositioned would also prove to make the high E worse.

But I also don't know what string gauge was the guitar stringed with. I was using 0.010 with my Gibson.