Alright guys.I'd just like your opinions on a decent pickup set for a Sheraton ii.I'm in the UK.I've been looking at Gibo pickups on the Bay but they're a little more than i want to pay.They're around £155 for a set.I'd like to pay less than £100 if possible maybe a little more if i have to for the pair.
The Sheraton pickups are'nt terrible but just are'nt quite there.I'd like a set that sound as good or there abouts as my LP if poss(that has the 57 Classics in).I'm kind of after a BB King kind of tone.I think the Gibson 335 Lucille comes with a 490R/498T.Just something in that ball park but cheaper.Also can i put my gold coloured covers onto my new set if i can't find a gold set?
Thanks in advance.
I saw a set of Duncan 59's at around the right price.How are they clean or with a slight bit of pre-amp volume?
Very good. They should be fairly close to the 57s in your LP. Any decent PAF copy like the 59 should do what you want.
The 59 is one of my personal favorites in SD's product line. Good all 'rounder.
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