Hey, y'all. I can't identify this guitar, and I need your help.

I'm a huge fan of the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack. If you're not familiar, imagine a video game where you're the star of your own spaghetti western. Then picture yourself walking down the dusty main street of a little cattle town to Ennio Morricone-type music. And there you have it.

The soundtrack was done by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson of the band Friends of Dean Martinez, and it's really amazing. There's a video on YouTube that shows a behind-the-scenes view of the creation of that soundtrack, and in it, Woody briefly talks about the electric guitar that he uses for most of the tracks.


- Looks like it has an offset body like a Jazzmaster
- Looks like it has three single-coil pups, each with a Jaguar-style volume wheel or switch
- Looks like it has a Jag/Jazz-style tremolo
- I'm tempted to say it's an old Japanese Teisco or something like that, but the logo on the headstock leads me to believe it could be a newer manufacture. I totally realize that it could be a modern custom guitar, as well.

Thoughts, anyone?

Looks more like an Avanti/Hoyer or a Klira guitar compared to an MIJ. You won't find a Teisco with a bridge and knobs like that.

TRC style and tuners are different too.
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Awesome! Thanks, KabadiMan, for that link. There's a response from Woody Jackson himself, and Hatebreeder, you're right. It's an Avanti from Germany.

Thanks, guys!