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I'm studying Fretboard Freedom by Troy Nelson, and Week 2, Monday is having me go from 10th fret, A string, to 10th fret, D string in half a beat - part of a 168 bpm lick. These two notes are the last half of a 4 note group where the preceding notes are on the 10th fret, D string, pulling off to the 8th fret, D string.

I'm finding it difficult to use the same finger to fret 2 consecutive eight notes even at 118 bpm, also without doing a pull off to an open A string.

Played with the idea of using my index finger to fret the last note on the 10th fret, D string, which I guess could work. I'm just not sure if it's the smartest way to go about it.

I guess my real question is if it's supposed to be a viable option to arch my ring finger from the 10th fret, A string to the 10th fret, D string and do the vibrato like that.

Or if you have a 4th option, please let me know
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If I understand your problem correctly I think it's very viable.

I just tried it out to see what it was like starting from the pull-off. Once I hit the A string on the 10th fret I just rolled my ring finger to the D string 10th fret to pick that one but right as the note was starting I continued to kind of slide the pad of my finger across the D string into position for the vibrato.

Going from picking the A string - D string - Vibrato all happened smoothly in one motion. It was pretty much something that just happened / felt natural.

If you aren't used to it that kind of rolling motion can be difficult so if you are having trouble at 118bpm maybe you should slow it way down for a bit until you get the basic motion down. I think you will get it fairly easily once you know what to try for.
Alright! Was just afraid to damage my ringfinger joint. Especially if there actually was a 4th option Huge thanks for huge help So much nicer to practice something when you're sure of what you're doing!
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Alright! Was just afraid to damage my ringfinger joint.

Always a fair concern, you can if you really put a strain on it, but just make sure that you don't really dig in on it and press hard when you roll. It's not necessary to put strain on it. It's even more of a half-roll in this case because your hand would shift a little at the same time to prepare the vibrato.

Also, yesterday I only tried it the way that you asked with the ring finger, but it also works fine to do the pull off with the ring finger and index finger and use the middle finger to hit the A string and use the ring finger again on the D string. (Not quite as good though because then your middle finger just has to go back to the D string to help the vibrato, at least mine does.

As far as using the index finger on the D string for the last note, I think it would depend on what comes after it. If the rest of the song doesn't shift up the neck then it's probably not worth it.