So I'm currently bidding on the two guitars on Ebay. I'm trying to snipe them for under $230 and so far it's going well. Does anyone recommend either guitar?

The only reason I'm bidding on the L400 is because it's black, has a pair of EMG GFS Pickups installed, already has a lowered action and is going to be the cheaper of the two. I mainly play pop-punk and some C-B tuning stuff.

The Epiphone that's listed is 100% stock and states that it's probably been played twice. Other than that not much info on it other than it's Starburst colored.
The GFS actives are really cheap, aren't they? Like $50 a set or something, I thought. And lower action is just setup, that's free to do yourself and it's going to shift in shipping anyway. Plus if you're going to downtune it that far, you're going to have to set it up again anyway to deal with the larger strings. I doubt it's set up for B right now.

I haven't played many Stagg guitars but I don't remember being particularly impressed. I feel like a decent used Epi with some smart modifications is going to be a noticeably better guitar here even if it costs a little bit extra.
I would personally go for the Epiphone. I don't like Epiphone very much, but they're a damn sight better than Stagg.

Also those GFS actives are awful. Just letting you know.
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Epiphone everytime.

Stagg are cheap guitars built to a low budget. You may get lucky with something decent, but there's probably only a 5% chance of it happening. At least with Epiphone you know you're getting something decent.

I'm talking £s not $s, but I've bought 2 Stagg guitars over the years. Both had issues, and both cost me less than £40. If you're considering paying $230, you're paying too much.
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The Epiphone is a better guitar.

Yeah, I like GFS pickups ( I have several different versions in different guitars, but their active pickups are garbage.
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