Track title: Mind and body
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/resila-mind-and-body

Hey guys,

I just started a new project that I dubbed Resila. Mind and body is a melancholic track, but I tried to change the mood of the track with different melodies.

If you have any feedback regarding structure, mixing, lyrical content, or anything else that catches your attention, it is very much appreciated.

Please leave a link to your track or forum post.

I'm not very familiar to the style, but I liked. The calm parts are excellent! I just thought that in other parts the dynamics never changed. But beautiful work.
Hi silvadolla,

I have to say, it's a great track; the structure maintains interest and you're definitely achieving what you've aimed for with its vibe in that it's melancholic, but moreover it's haunting, creepy and atmospheric. I do have some constructive criticism for you, but they'll be the only problems with the song, trust me! Everything else, brilliant!

In regards to criticisms, I have to firstly elaborate on aaron aardvark's comment; there are certainly timing issues present, specifically in the riff that occurs 1:33 in and to varying degrees in all other instances of that riff, that should definitely be re worked.

I'd also suggest a more frequent role for synths in a similar vein to the intro. Somewhat like the airy synths backing sections of my song "The Haunting". Use it to accentuate say, the segments of the song with the least bass frequencies, so in parts where you're working higher up the fretboard etc.

I'm going to assume that you're not a stick man - now I'm not saying that the drums are bad - it's just that they lack some characteristics of a beat composed by a drummer. If you're interested to hear my take on the drums, throw up a GP tab or MIDI and I'd be happy to tinker with it and post back to you.

Overall your song is a great piece, you've definitely got a natural affinity for musical creativity and that'll only improve. Great work, and most importantly, BEAUTIFUL LEAD WORK! See ya.
Love the mood this track portrays, deffinitely has some really sweet original vibes,
Wouldn't have done anything different with the vocals either deffinitely add to everything going on,
Dope Track!!