So my birthday is coming up and I'll be getting some money from my elder siblings and parents. So I thought it would be a good chance to snag a new amp. My current amp is a cheap 10 watt amp that is decent but kinda ehh. It came with my guitar that I got 5ish years ago, back when I was in middle school. Ever since I got my Dean ML a year ago I've been playing it unplugged 99% of the time. I mean it's fine but I really want to play it through a proper amp.

So I did a boat load of research on amps. I can't afford a tube amp or anything like a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. So things like that are out of the question. I'm willing to settle for a solid state or modeling amp. Right now I have my eye on the Vox VXI, and the Line 6 Spider IV. The Marshall MGs also caught my eye but I'm not too sure if that's what I want. I like playing a lot of metal stuff. I guess my style would be a mix of NWOBHM and thrash mixed with proggy stuff. I'm into all sorts of weird music.

So yea, I'm looking for a good amp under 200 bucks, but preferably less than $150.
Sorry but the MG and Line 6 Spiders are godawful. Not familiar with the Vox, but look into their VT line.

Off the bat, I'd suggest looking at used Peavey Valveking and maybe getting an overdrive to boost it, maybe around $250.

You could also look into Tech 21 TM-30 , maybe Marshall DSL5C DSL15C or DSL40C used. Peavey 6505 combo used will be probably your best bet based on your sound preferences. Sorry, but for that money you can't get much.
Less than $150 with quality hi gain tone?

Wash cars, mow lawns, clean stables and up your budget to $500 for a pretty decent hi gain tube amp. Spider and MG will only disappoint.
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