So I have an electric guitar and an electric bass.

I've currently got a crappy digital amp i'm looking at getting rid of and an old school fender bass amp. They both work fine individually but i'm looking at trying to think of a setup i could to to have as little change as possible and as few amps as possible to be able to interchange between playing bass and playing guitar. I also need to be able to use my guitar stomp box pedals. When i use them on my bass amp everything sounds horrible. Currently using them on my non-tube guitar amp also sounds awful.

Does anyone have a good setup? Or suggestions?

Long story short, I need a good set-up that work for bass and guitar and works well with effect pedals so preferably nothing digital.

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^ yeah. the vypyr vip claims to let you play guitar and bass through it, but it's digital modelling, plus i haven't tried it so i dunno how well it works.
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Maybe just an A/B switch or something like the Boss Line Selector to change your effects path for both amps, the only way is maybe with some kind of a PA setup with a processor or similar.

I guess you could get a multifx processor and use it both for bass and guitar and just feed it to a powered speaker system.
a laptop,multi instrument interface, and some sort of audio program that uses VSTs and a small PA speaker is another option

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I guess you could get a multifx processor and use it both for bass and guitar and just feed it to a powered speaker system.

not sure if multi/fx units are instrument specific, dont most companys have seperate products for guitar and bass
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I don't know of any company that ever produce an amp that does well for electric guitar and bass guitar, aside from the design, tonal or sonic frequency it focuses on, I would speculate that a speaker that can handle highs and lows would be very very pricey. Usually guitar amps focuses on highs and mid range, although it can produce ample bass, the speakers cannot go lower, if you play your bass guitar on a guitar amp, the volume needs to be set low and you cannot crank up to higher volume or else guitar amp speaker will be ruined. While it is true that you can play an electric guitar on a bass amp, since bass amp speakers are designed for low end bass thump, it would not have the same sparkle as guitar amp speaker. If it is for practice at home, you might get away with bass guitar on a guitar amp, but if you plan to use it for show, better to have 2 amps, one for guitar and one for bass.
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