Hi all! I need some quick suggestions and I'll make it short
I really got into percussive fingerstyle guitar in the last 2 years and I started learning songs and covers arranged by guitarists like Luca Stricagnoli and Mike Dawes. Although my interpretations sound ok unplugged, I want to step my game up and use the effects that most of the professional guitarists use. Therefore, I'm planning on buying a Dimarzio DP 234 Black Angel Pickup for my Epiphone EJ-200CE. This is where I need your advise. the thing is that my guitar already has a magnetic pickup installed from the factory, and a standard piezo pickup under the bridge. Would there be a problem if I'd install the Dimarzio pickup? Or should I just leave the wires outside and take the pickup off when I'm done?
Thanks in advance ^^
If you want to use a wound pickup, you will need to string the guitar with electric (steel, not bronze) strings.
If you do a lot of tapping on the body, etc...you might look at pickups that combine a magnetic or piezo with a microphone inside the body. They usually have a blend knob to balance them.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan